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Edward Bryant School

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  • Overall: 96.47%
  • Reception: 96.93%
  • Year 1: 95.31%
  • Year 2: 96.40%
  • Year 3: 97.21%
  • Year 4: 96.84%
  • Year 5: 95.61%
  • Year 6: 97.38%


  • R - Elodie, Theo, and Keira
  • Y1 -: Bogdans, Livia, and Adrian
  • Y2 -: Finley, Kelsey, and Artur
  • Y3 -: Oscar, Harlee, and Stephen
  • Y 4-: Zuzanna, Noah, and Isabella
  • Y 5-: Tom, Mateus, and Hannah
  • Y 6-: Abby and Freddie

Digital Learning

Word Contractions

Miss Potter shows us how to contract words by removing letters and adding apostrophes!

Regrouping Ones When Adding 3 Digit Numbers

Mrs Kernan shows us how to regroup ones when adding two 3 digit numbers together!

Adding Using Blocks

Mr Whitby shows us how to add numbers together using blocks to help!

Addition Using the Column Method

Miss Cork shows us how to add number together by using the column method!


Miss Luker shows us how to multiply a number by another number!

Phase 3 Phonics-Blending and Segmenting

Mrs Burrows, Mr Oakford and Miss Taylor show us how to blend and segment the sounds in both real and nonsense words!

Solving Addition Problems by Grouping 10

Miss Taylor shows us to solve an addition problem by grouping 10!

Representing Tens and Ones

Miss Taylor shows us how to show a number as a group of 10's and 1's!

Grouping 10 to Count Objects to 20

Miss Taylor shows us how to count objects up to 20 by grouping 10 of them first!

Phonics Sounds

Miss Taylor, Mr Oakford and Mrs Burrows show us how to pronounce phase 3 sounds, including digraphs and trigraphs!

How to Use a Protractor!

Mr Robinson and Mr Tite give a short demonstration on how to use a protractor to measure angles.

Long division

Miss Luker shows us how to solve long division calculations.

Multiplying Fractions

Mr Tite shows us how to find fractions of amounts.

Long division Using Dienes

Miss Baal shows us how to use dienes to solve calculations.

Negative Numbers Difference

Mr Waddington shows us how to find the difference between positive and negative numbers.

Negative Numbers

Mr Waddington shows us how to add and subtract negative numbers.

The Library is open at 8:30 for years 4, 5 and 6