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  • Overall: 97.07%
  • Reception: 97.77%
  • Year 1: 96%
  • Year 2: 96.78%
  • Year 3: 95.91%
  • Year 4: 98.54%
  • Year 5: 97.98%
  • Year 6: 96.56%
  • Family Award: Marigold, Armani, Cassie

FaB Schools' netball and football tournament

 We were really lucky with the weather this year for a change!
The football teams played well. The A team finished 3rd in their group and the B team went through to the semi final! Well done boys!
The B netball team got through to the semi final but had lost 2 key players and came up against stiff opposition (get well soon Lexi and Deena!) The A team got through to the final and played valiantly. Unfortunately they lost and so finished as runners up. Well done the netball teams.
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