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  • Overall: 95%
  • Reception: 97.78%
  • Year 1: 94.94%
  • Year 2: 96.22%
  • Year 3: 97.47%
  • Year 4: 95.28%
  • Year 5: 97.78%
  • Year 6: 97.87%


  • R - Archie, Eva, and Riley
  • Y1 -: Liam, Emily-Mae, and Billy
  • Y2 -: Robert, Vivien, and Daniels
  • Y3 -: Jakub, Bethany, and Matvejus
  • Y 4-: Jessica, Julia, and Tommy
  • Y 5-: Laura, Charlie, and Layton
  • Y 6-: Abigail and Ryan


Welcome to Reception


Meet the team:

Picture 1 Mrs. N. Oakford
Picture 2 Mrs. N. Chudasama
Picture 3 Mrs. A. Kelly
Picture 4 Mrs J. Redman

Come in and have a look around...

Welcome to Reception


It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know all of your children this year and look forward to building fantastic relationships with you and your families. We understand what a big step starting school can be for both children and parents so we hope the transition has been a good experience.


The importance of a home-school link is very important to us so please remember that the door is always open if you need to talk to us. After school is the best time as mornings are very busy settling children into new routines. Messages can be left on the board outside each classroom in the mornings. Also, every Wednesday morning the class teacher will be outside the classroom to answer any questions and chat.


The Reception Team - Sunshine, Moonbeam and Rainbow 

Looking Forward to the Spring Term


Following our exciting first term in school, we have lots to look forward to in the Spring Term. This term we will be going on a train ride to Littlehampton, visiting a bakery and going to Staunton Country Park.


Last term, children began to make new friends and built new relationships; this  is a core part of our learning in the Early Years.


As part of our Literacy this term we will be covering books such as  The Naughty Bus, The Train Ride and The Little Red Hen. To enrich the children's learning we will be going on a few trips which will include a train journey and a visit to Staunton Country Park.


The children will also start learning their Phonics sounds when they come to school. They will learn songs and actions to go with each of the sounds. In addition to this we will send home the sounds of the week to the parents and carers so you can be aware of what the children are learning and help them. There is also a video on the website to support this.


 In Maths we will be focusing on 'teen' numbers and reinforcing single digit numbers. We will be looking at numbers 'one more' and 'one less' than a given number and beginning to look at addition and subtraction.



We want every child to be happy in school. Watch in amazement how your child learns and grows in all areas this year and through their school life. We would also like to take this opportunity to ask you to read with your child every day and write in their reading journal as this is an important part of their home learning. Children reading at home can work towards getting their Bronze Reading Badge!


Please see the Curriculum Overview link below for more details.

Staunton Country Park

Watch Us Learn!

Watch Us Learn! 1
Watch Us Learn! 2
Watch Us Learn! 3
Watch Us Learn! 4
Watch Us Learn! 5
Watch Us Learn! 6
Watch Us Learn! 7
The library is open from 8:30 for years 4, 5 and 6.