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  • Overall: 95.01%
  • Reception: 94.78%
  • Year 1: 93.26%
  • Year 2: 96.44%
  • Year 3: 96.21%
  • Year 4: 96.52%
  • Year 5: 96.11%
  • Year 6: 95.90%


  • R - Archie, Eva, and Riley
  • Y1 -: Liam, Emily-Mae, and Billy
  • Y2 -: Robert, Vivien, and Daniels
  • Y3 -: Jakub, Bethany, and Matvejus
  • Y 4-: Jessica, Julia, and Tommy
  • Y 5-: Laura, Charlie, and Layton
  • Y 6-: Abigail and Ryan


Welcome to Reception


Meet the team:

Picture 1 Mrs. N. Chudasama. Sunshine Class Teacher
Picture 2 Miss. S. Potter. Rainbow Class Teacer
Picture 3 Miss. H. Smith. Moonbeam Class Teacher

As well as the above class teachers, we are very lucky to have the following staff in Reception next year. The teaching assistants will be Mrs Collins in Sunshine class, Miss Parfoot in Moonbeam and Mrs Adam-Smith in Rainbow. As well we will have Miss Upstone and Mrs Cooper across all 3 classes. Mrs Lock, Miss Pordage, Mr Oakford and Mrs Kempson will be teaching in Sunshine, Moonbeam and Rainbow this year. 




It has been an absolute pleasure to meet your children on their first visit and we look forward to building fantastic relationships with you and your families as your children start school. We understand what a big step starting school can be for both children and parents so we hope the transition will continue to be a good experience.


The importance of a home-school link is very important to us so please remember that the door is always open if you need to talk to us. After school is the best time as mornings are very busy settling children into new routines. Every Monday morning the class teacher will be outside the classroom to answer any questions and chat.


The Reception Team - Sunshine, Moonbeam and Rainbow 

Come in and have a look around...

Watch Us Learn!

Watch Us Learn! 1
Watch Us Learn! 2
Watch Us Learn! 3
Watch Us Learn! 4
Watch Us Learn! 5
Watch Us Learn! 6
Watch Us Learn! 7
The library is open from 8:30 for years 4, 5 and 6.