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Edward Bryant School

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  • Overall: 94.84%
  • Reception: 93.22%
  • Year 1: 96.40%
  • Year 2: 97.44%
  • Year 3: 95.29%
  • Year 4: 94.33%
  • Year 5: 89.89%
  • Year 6: 94.92%


  • R - Marika, Daniela, and Reid
  • Y1 -: Frankie, Jakub, and Lucas
  • Y2 -: Darcie, Nyah, and Kai
  • Y3 -: James, Imran, and Antosh
  • Y 4-: Amore, Winston, and Myles
  • Y 5-: Libby, Olly, and Cora
  • Y 6-: Joseph and Tilly

Values and Ethos

Edward Bryant School is a friendly, caring school committed to offering every child a secure, stimulating and happy environment where your child can do their best.


Edward Bryant School promotes high standards and expectations by:

  • Developing lively and enquiring minds so that children acquire the knowledge and skills relevant to their needs and the ever-changing demands of society.
  • Providing a stimulating and structured environment that encourages independent learning with an emphasis on first hand experience.
  • Promoting self-discipline that encourages the development of courteous, confident and responsible citizens.
  • Promoting tolerance and understanding of other races, religions and cultures.
  • Guiding pupils through a creative and challenging curriculum, based on The National Curriculum.


We place high value on strong home-school partnerships, because it is through working together that your child will develop and excel.


Richard Waddington

Head of School

The Library is open at 8:30 for years 4, 5 and 6