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  • Overall: 97.07%
  • Reception: 97.77%
  • Year 1: 96%
  • Year 2: 96.78%
  • Year 3: 95.91%
  • Year 4: 98.54%
  • Year 5: 97.98%
  • Year 6: 96.56%
  • Family Award: Marigold, Armani, Cassie

West Sussex West Primary Schools' Swimming Gala

 We entered boys' and girls' teams into this gala and hoped for some good results. The swimmers were outstanding and exceeded all expectations. The girls came first by a large margin. The boys also came first. This meant that we won the overall trophy too! The level of teamwork, commitment and sportsmanship was excellent. We, the staff at Edward Bryant are VERY proud of them!
Congratulations to: Erin, Nicole, Jess, Deena and Lucy. 
                                Owen, Nathan, Archie and Adam.
Many thanks to our reserves who watched, supported and timed brilliantly - Jamie and Adam.
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