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Edward Bryant School

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  • Overall: 97%
  • Reception:
  • Year 1: 95.79%
  • Year 2: 98.31%
  • Year 3: 94.51%
  • Year 4: 96.70%
  • Year 5: 96.74%
  • Year 6: 100%


  • R - Archie, Eva, and Riley
  • Y1 -: Liam, Emily-Mae, and Billy
  • Y2 -: Robert, Vivien, and Daniels
  • Y3 -: Jakub, Bethany, and Matvejus
  • Y 4-: Jessica, Julia, and Tommy
  • Y 5-: Laura, Charlie, and Layton
  • Y 6-: Abigail and Ryan


As an academy, Edward Bryant serves a catchment area. Every effort is made to accommodate parent’s preference for school choice, but in the event that your application is unsuccessful, there is a council appeals process to join a waiting list. If the school is found to be full then the council will offer you a place at the school nearest to your home with an available place.


Visitors to Edward Bryant School are very welcome. Should you wish to come and look round, please speak with the office staff to arrange an appointment.

Parents wanting a place mid-year should contact the school office.

Parents of pre-school children will be sent details about the admissions process, along with details of their designated school, in September/ October of the year before their child is due to start school.


It is vital that the admissions office have the correct address for all correspondence. If parents have changed their address since registering the birth of their child, it is important to update any records.


Parents can opt for their designated school or request an alternative placement. 

The school holds meetings for all new parents in June each year, and offers opportunities for children to spend time in their new classes before starting in September.


In the event of not receiving a place at Edward Bryant, if you wish to appeal and be placed on the waiting list, please follow these links to the relevant information:


WSCC School Places Information Page


WSCC School Appeals and Waiting Lists

The library is open from 8:30 for years 4, 5 and 6.